“We are constantly invited to be who we are.” – Henry David Thoreau

I have been guiding meditation and sound meditation for over 15 years, and have practiced meditation since my youth, with a regular practice that began with formal martial arts training.

My passion is in promoting meditation, nature immersion, and a more mindful way of being, as aspects of a healthy contemporary lifestyle that can be embraced by all, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs.

I’ve explored and practiced various Eastern, Western and Indigenous practices, systems and philophies over the years. These wisdom teachings inspire who I am today, but I reached a point where I needed to strip it all back and focus on the core practices, and for me those have been predominantly meditation, mindfulness, as well as nature immersion and awareness.

In my journey to present a more professional approach I have also undergone facilitation training with training registered with the Meditation Association of Australia.

My style is a much more more down to earth, explorative approach in how I facilitate. I like to keep it simple, keep it real and let each person take it where their journey leads them.


“Thank you Pete for sharing your amazing energy with us! Your sound meditations are an amazing gift to us all! Every meditation I have had the opportunity to attend has been a very healing and peaceful experience.” – Crystal W.

“Loved your sound meditation Pete, can’t wait to come back for another beautiful healing session. Your energy feels very grounded, centred and down to earth. Keep on keeping on thank you.” – Alisha J.