What is Meditation? 

Meditation stems from the Latin verb meditari, meaning “to think, contemplate, devise, ponder”.

Meditation is a term now used to describe a group of practices that aim to cultivate a more present, calm and aware state of mind. These practices may also help develop other aspects of wellbeing such as a reduction in stress and anxiety, better emotional health, improved self awareness.

Meditation practices can include breath awareness, the use of sound (such as instruments, mantra and voice, or natural sounds), visualisation, contemplation, movement, stillness, mindfulness.

There is still a misconception that meditation involves sitting in a cross legged posture while trying to blank the mind of thought. In actuality meditation offers us the opportunity to train our reactions so that when thoughts or distractions arise, as they naturally do, we develop the ability to recognise them for what they are and instead of following them we can come back to our focus.

For further information on the benefits of meditation I recommend watching the ABC Catalyst program on Meditation.